Custom Quick Edit Button

To add a custom Quick Edit button to a page or view, add a Script Editor Web Part and embed the following code. Make sure you change the number in [WPQ2SchemaData] to the ID of the Web Part you want to Quick Edit. You can find that by inspecting the list or library Web Part using Developer Tools (F12).


<!DOCTYPE html>
<button onclick="QuickEditFunction();return false;">Quick Edit</button>

function QuickEditFunction()



Edit Column Breaks Quick Edit


You’re using Quick Edit to edit items on a list with multiple pages. While still in the spreadsheet view you go to the next page and find that you’re no longer able to make changes.

Page 1:


Page 2:



The Edit (link to edit item) column!  You can’t switch between pages while in the spreadsheet view if you are displaying the Edit column. Remove the column and voila! The cells are no longer grayed out when you switch between pages!

Page 1:


Page 2: